Storage Unit Clean-out Services

Albuquerque Storage Unit Clean-out & Hauling Service

Storage Unit Clean-out ServicesStorage units offer convenience for those who are in the process of moving or have downsized their home or business. Used temporarily, they are an easy and convenient way to save time and money.
But what about that storage unit you have rented for years? Maybe you are still hoping that you’ll have an opportunity to use its contents. Maybe you can’t even remember what’s inside.

Cleaning out your storage unit is a great way to save money and simplify your life. On average, most Albuquerque residents who pay for a storage unit could save around $2000 a year just by getting rid of the things they no longer use.


Professional Junk Removal Services

While saving money and simplifying your life may sound appealing, the fact is that it is difficult to take the first step. Cleaning out a storage unit is both daunting and time-consuming, and many people would rather continue to pay their monthly fee than to give up their Saturdays combing through old belongings and deciding how to get rid of what they no longer need.

Feeling overwhelmed by junk you don’t need? Call Dave’s Custom Hauling at 505-830-4200 for Albuquerque’s premier storage unit clean-out and junk removal service!

That’s where Dave’s Custom Hauling comes in. Our team of professional junk removal experts will assist you by removing your unwanted items from your storage unit. With a commitment to providing outstanding customer care, we handle everything, including the sorting, loading, hauling and disposal. Just tell us what to get rid of and we’ll load it and haul it away, saving you a lot of stress and hard work.


Don’t Keep Storage Units Full of Junk!

Emptying a storage unit can be daunting, but our team can take care of it quickly and efficiently. When you are ready to save hundreds of dollars a year by clearing out your storage unit, please give us a call! We can also help you clear out your garage or haul away yard waste, so keep our number handy the next time you decide it’s time for some spring cleaning!