Steps to Prepare For Albuquerque Trash Pickup in Winter

Winter is almost around the corner and snow storms are probably no stranger to Albuquerque as it receives an average of 13 inches of snow each year. While enjoying the beauty of Albuquerque under the blanket of snow, winter weather does have its inconvenient aspects. Especially when it comes to trash pickup in winter! When winter is at full bluster, Albuquerque trash pickup becomes complicated. So, understanding how to work around the weather to make trash collection as safe and easy as possible is important. Here we have come up with a few trash pickup tips that are sure to prepare you to face the blues of snowstorms.

Changes in Albuquerque Trash Pickup Schedule

Heavy snowfall makes some Albuquerque trash pick up companies to suspend or postpone services. The common reasons behind changes in trash pickup schedule time are,

  • Heavy snow accumulation
  • Icy roads and
  • Poor visibility

Before your cart your trash out to the curb, call your service provider to know about any changes in trash collection schedule. This avoids and spares you the hassle of dragging the cart all back again when the pickup is rescheduled.


Most people prefer to move their trash out the night before the collection day to avoid early morning rush. But, this is not recommendable or the right way to go when there is a snowstorm rolling in. In such situations, get up a bit early in the morning to put your trash out and avoid having your bins knocked over by strong winter winds. This gives you an opportunity to clear away snow that has accumulated overnight. Clearing snow provides easy access to the junk removal professionals.

Beware of Snowplows

During winter, snowplows will be working to keep the roadways and streets clear. Place your trash bins safely as you bring your trash to the curb for collection. And, position them in such a way that it is clearly visible to snowplow operators.

Bag Your Trash

High winds or snowplows can tip your bins from time to time, no matter   how careful you are in placing your bins. So, bag your trash well before putting it in the bin to prevent the trash from blowing all over the neighborhood if the worst happens.

Tuck-Away Bins after Collection

In some households, people leave their bins at the curb on collection day when they are away for work. This is not a good idea especially when there is a snowstorm. Empty bins blown into the street create a hazard or get damaged by a snowplow. Make arrangements with your friend or neighbors to tuck away the bins if you are leaving to work.

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