Brick and Concrete Removal Services

Albuquerque Brick and Concrete Removal Services

Brick and Concrete Removal ServicesBricks and concrete are some of the heaviest materials to remove from a renovation, whether it is commercial or residential. You may not own a truck and may not have access to one, or the load might just be too heavy for the equipment you have.

That’s why Dave’s Custom Hauling offers junk pickup services for construction debris. Our equipment is designed to handle heavy loads, and our removal technicians are trained to perform their job duties safely and quickly.


Heavy Debris Removal Services

The weight of bricks and concrete is enough to damage the suspension of many lightweight pickups. Loading it yourself is also a recipe for back injuries. Professional concrete removal services like Dave’s Custom Hauling have the right equipment and man power to remove piles of bricks and broken up concrete with ease.

Don’t break your back lifting bricks and concrete!
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In order to safely remove heavy debris, knowledge regarding the use of heavy equipment and how to pick up items properly by hand is a must. Our junk pickup team is trained to handle every job professionally and safely.


Tight Deadline to Finish the Construction Project

When you have a tight deadline to keep for finishing a remodel or other building project, the last thing you want to do is take time away from progress to clean up a pile of debris. That pile of broken concrete and bricks is an eyesore and safety hazard on the job site. Our professional concrete removal team can clear the site so your work can be finished and the project can meet its deadline.

Call us today to schedule a quote. We have the experience, staff and equipment to serve jobs both big and small. Our professional team will work quickly and professionally to remove unwanted junk, metal, debris or demolition materials from the site so that you can get back to work.